The Journal of cheyanne.
i am deeply sorry for the family and wish the VERY best for them and i dearly hope they find him.
but why is this one child so much more important than all of the other children that go missing every day?
there are on average 2185 children being reported missing each day, so why then are we not putting out this much effort to find all of the other missing children?
what about them?
why don't the police or new's reporters or anyone else care enough to put forth this kind of effort to find the other kids???
idk it just seem's stupid to me that one child is more important than another

please let me know what you think! i want to know if it is just me who is seeing this!
i just recently saw these movies and they were all pretty great, iron man 2 was rally funny but i don't have much to say about it.
i really liked the blind side it was funny but it made me cry (of course i cry at everything haha) its one of my new favorite movies
avatar was really cool i liked the graphics and in the end it also made me cry although i was not particularly fond of all of the destruction it just irritated me ..
hey guys sorry i have't posted in a while i have been busy trying to have a life haha...
oh dear hmmm well im watching Rent with my cousin and eating burnt microwave lasagna mmm.... taye diggs has a nice voice....
well i wish this post wasnt just about taye diggs voice and burnt lasagna but thats all i got...
BLEH! 04-28-10 15:36
OMG! i HATE reading stupid subtitles!!!
subtitles = DEATH X.X
i hope the inventor of subtitles die's
ps. i am still sick (that means you should feel sorry for me)
pss. ummm accentual (haha oops stupid spell check i meant * actually oh eell guess i'll just leave it like that ) i don't know what ps. stands for huh o well...
Dear EVERYONE, 04-27-10 18:35
i think i am going to get my sister to sign up for elowel... also you all should follow me on blogger
lol okay my ulr thing is an inside joke so thats why umm... well you'll see HAHA
its --->
mkay well thats all
oh and i am still sick :(
awww mannn.... 04-26-10 19:07
I finally got around to making that cake, it was a new recipe mmm and it was chocolate okay so I am baking it and stuff and later it was done, so then I wait for it to cool it took like 2 hours to do every thing (cook, clean, cool) okay I start frosting it right, guess that happens when I am just about finished it gets knocked off the table I was so mad because it took me ALL DAY and then I cryed for like 15 mins and then I was like wait haha I am retarded am i really crying over cake? (which demonstrates a level of fatness that borders on the utterly obese), ugh well anyways hmm then the day after that I was in my room and my window was open and this guy with a boom box rode by on his bicycle with the lady gaga song love game blasting really loud I was like WTH?! It was so weird anyways well I am REALLY sick so I am gonna go back to sleep... :( bye
i ate malt-o-meal for lunch again today, i really dont know why its gross and i think i added too much salt haha.
hmm today i went out in service till noon (i am one of Jehovah's witness' so i go door to door evangelizing :D (please respect me and please no rude comments :D )) anyways that was fun. now i have too get ready for an interview at 4 and then after that idk what i'm going to do... i want to make a cake.
mmmwell i guess thats all, my mom and sister stayed out in service but i came home to watch our dog and make sure that she doesn't eat the couch haha okay byeeee!
i just ate some but i am now sort of regretting it haha. i can't tell if i like the movie pride and prejudice or not hmmm... you know i am really tired of my dog drinking out of the toilet, she has figured out how to get the toilet seat up now ugh yet another reason to pee in the shower hahaha gross....
as of right now my fav five movies are (very childish thats what they are haha)
Treasure Planet
Zombie Land
How To Train Your Dragon
and The Road To El Dorado
tell me your fav movies :D
i just felt that you all needed to know that... oh i get to start "volunteering" (working for no pay like an idiot) at the hospital so that sold be exiting (i was using sarcasm) (also i think it will be fun and personally i have nothing against helping people... if i am payed haha jk okay well maybe not jk... well idk i mean i do like helping people)
and who is lady marmalade anyways? (talking about the movie moulin rouge) also i like taco bell and public transportation if anyone needed to know....
I have wondering which is better a long in-depth blog or a short like small storie (please don’t question my spelling lol) one, so anyways i have come to the conclusion that if you are going to insist in having a long drawn out life story tell all blog that you should at least exaggerate some things and make it into a fun storie, because, lets be honest I really don’t like to listen to other people whine about all the drama in their lives (unless its funny) ASPESIALLY if I don’t know the. Also like a gold fish I have a very short attention span so when reading a very long blog my mind tends to wonder… oh yean anyways, so as I was saying short blogs on the other hand are like the sprinkles in life, they make every thing better whether they make you laugh or cry or even brighten up your day, the reason they are like sprinkles is because they are small, they come in many varieties and they are colorful (which is pretty much what I said when I said they come in many different varieties lol) oh yeah and they go good on every thing well sprinkles do idk about blogs. I love sprinkles they are fun and colorful so they keep my attention and they go good on anything because they don’t taste like anything (well most of them don’t) one time I made macaroni and cheese and put green food coloring and sprinkles in it, it was gross…
Watching people fall is pretty funny, except for this one time I was there and this big guy fell off his bike it was really funny but then I felt bad for laughing  but it was funny still. And don’t remember to forget to remember that’s all you need is love!
alittle about me 04-20-10 13:32
oh hi! haha its taking me forever to figure out this site!!! ugh! haha! oh dear,
dear every one, my name is cheyanne i am 15 will be 16 on august 6th , i have a little sister well.. not that little we are 9 months and 28 days apart haha its pretty crazy, i am 5'10" and i LOVE to work on cars, okay i'll admit at first it wasn't about the cars at all! haha as you can imagine my dad had a few friends close to my age and so i always tagged along when he went to do engine swaps and whatnot and after a while my friend atom which is also my dads friend who we would work on cars with moved -so sad- and i still tagged along, i have now accomplished a full L24 long block engine tear down, i have assisted in multiple engine swaps and i have pulled a rear distributer, aswell as MANY other little things such as radiator swaps and distributer swaps, and milling an engine, i hope to learn much more! hmm here are some videos of my car adventures! and
anyways my favorite cars of all time are Datsun's!
okay well hmm i also love to cook! i am really into plated deserts, i really want a set of plain white square plates haha.
hmm cant think of anything else to type at the moment and i have some friends over so good night for now but i hope to ttyas!
i hate sleep overs, well not really but it sucks being the only one up in the morning because all of your friends are to lazy to get up at a decent hour... i think 9:30 is quite reasonable, even though we stayed up till 3 the average person only needs like... well 7 hours of sleep.
hmmm mmmwelll i will write about my day later i guess, i need foofoo right now.
new 04-17-10 21:47
hi im new