The Journal of cheyanne.
i just ate some but i am now sort of regretting it haha. i can't tell if i like the movie pride and prejudice or not hmmm... you know i am really tired of my dog drinking out of the toilet, she has figured out how to get the toilet seat up now ugh yet another reason to pee in the shower hahaha gross....
as of right now my fav five movies are (very childish thats what they are haha)
Treasure Planet
Zombie Land
How To Train Your Dragon
and The Road To El Dorado
tell me your fav movies :D
i just felt that you all needed to know that... oh i get to start "volunteering" (working for no pay like an idiot) at the hospital so that sold be exiting (i was using sarcasm) (also i think it will be fun and personally i have nothing against helping people... if i am payed haha jk okay well maybe not jk... well idk i mean i do like helping people)
and who is lady marmalade anyways? (talking about the movie moulin rouge) also i like taco bell and public transportation if anyone needed to know....