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oh hey so thats how you do it!

i hate sleep overs, well not really but it sucks being the only one up in the morning because all of your friends are to lazy to get up at a decent hour... i think 9:30 is quite reasonable, even though we stayed up till 3 the average person only needs like... well 7 hours of sleep.
hmmm mmmwelll i will write about my day later i guess, i need foofoo right now.

Avatar camabar
04-20-10 11:35
If you say so.
I miss having sleepovers omg.
Avatar cheyanne
04-20-10 11:48
Gabby's sister
yeah they are fun, but hey your never too old for a sleep over!
Avatar teh0mega *
04-20-10 14:02
selfcentered guy
I always just threw shit at my friends until they woke up..

That, or cook breakfast, preferably bacon. No one can sleep through a mass of delightful bacon smell wafting through the room they're sleeping in.
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