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alittle about me

oh hi! haha its taking me forever to figure out this site!!! ugh! haha! oh dear,
dear every one, my name is cheyanne i am 15 will be 16 on august 6th , i have a little sister well.. not that little we are 9 months and 28 days apart haha its pretty crazy, i am 5'10" and i LOVE to work on cars, okay i'll admit at first it wasn't about the cars at all! haha as you can imagine my dad had a few friends close to my age and so i always tagged along when he went to do engine swaps and whatnot and after a while my friend atom which is also my dads friend who we would work on cars with moved -so sad- and i still tagged along, i have now accomplished a full L24 long block engine tear down, i have assisted in multiple engine swaps and i have pulled a rear distributer, aswell as MANY other little things such as radiator swaps and distributer swaps, and milling an engine, i hope to learn much more! hmm here are some videos of my car adventures!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaqEe7xxnmw and
anyways my favorite cars of all time are Datsun's!
okay well hmm i also love to cook! i am really into plated deserts, i really want a set of plain white square plates haha.
hmm cant think of anything else to type at the moment and i have some friends over so good night for now but i hope to ttyas!

Avatar catchfishwithhan
04-20-10 23:57
A Day In The Life
Avatar camabar
04-21-10 00:03
If you say so.
Aww, I could tell you were a youngun from the start. Hahaha, just kidding, but yeah it's cool that you work on cars! I don't understand them at all. SO complicated.
Avatar cheyanne
04-21-10 13:47
Gabby's sister
haha yeah... well not really well i mean if you are just taking it apart its fine! haha but when you put it back together and you have extra NUTS (haha) and bolts... well, i guess thats fine too as long as it runs lol
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