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short or long blog, what do you think?

I have wondering which is better a long in-depth blog or a short like small storie (please don’t question my spelling lol) one, so anyways i have come to the conclusion that if you are going to insist in having a long drawn out life story tell all blog that you should at least exaggerate some things and make it into a fun storie, because, lets be honest I really don’t like to listen to other people whine about all the drama in their lives (unless its funny) ASPESIALLY if I don’t know the. Also like a gold fish I have a very short attention span so when reading a very long blog my mind tends to wonder… oh yean anyways, so as I was saying short blogs on the other hand are like the sprinkles in life, they make every thing better whether they make you laugh or cry or even brighten up your day, the reason they are like sprinkles is because they are small, they come in many varieties and they are colorful (which is pretty much what I said when I said they come in many different varieties lol) oh yeah and they go good on every thing well sprinkles do idk about blogs. I love sprinkles they are fun and colorful so they keep my attention and they go good on anything because they don’t taste like anything (well most of them don’t) one time I made macaroni and cheese and put green food coloring and sprinkles in it, it was gross…
Watching people fall is pretty funny, except for this one time I was there and this big guy fell off his bike it was really funny but then I felt bad for laughing  but it was funny still. And don’t remember to forget to remember that’s all you need is love!

Avatar camabar
04-21-10 14:32
If you say so.
Your blog is fun to read, I like your comparisons. . .

As for short/long blogs, I think a good mixture is good lol.
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