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awww mannn....

I finally got around to making that cake, it was a new recipe mmm and it was chocolate okay so I am baking it and stuff and later it was done, so then I wait for it to cool it took like 2 hours to do every thing (cook, clean, cool) okay I start frosting it right, guess that happens when I am just about finished it gets knocked off the table I was so mad because it took me ALL DAY and then I cryed for like 15 mins and then I was like wait haha I am retarded am i really crying over cake? (which demonstrates a level of fatness that borders on the utterly obese), ugh well anyways hmm then the day after that I was in my room and my window was open and this guy with a boom box rode by on his bicycle with the lady gaga song love game blasting really loud I was like WTH?! It was so weird anyways well I am REALLY sick so I am gonna go back to sleep... :( bye

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