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OMG! i HATE reading stupid subtitles!!!
subtitles = DEATH X.X
i hope the inventor of subtitles die's
ps. i am still sick (that means you should feel sorry for me)
pss. ummm accentual (haha oops stupid spell check i meant * actually oh eell guess i'll just leave it like that ) i don't know what ps. stands for huh o well...

Avatar spencer
04-28-10 15:46
As many readily-available sources will tell you, P.S. stands for "post-script." The proper form for a second "P.S," then, is not "P.S.S," or "post-script-script," but "P.P.S," "post-post-script."
Avatar cheyanne
04-28-10 16:23
Gabby's sister
ummm thanks but i still don't get it... oh well, its not like it really matters :D
Avatar swift
04-28-10 16:46
a sum of his things
you are missing out as there are a shitload of great movies that are subbed. most of the time dubs of foreign movies are poorly done. i only enjoy them if the original actors have horrible sounding voices ;.;
Avatar cheyanne
04-28-10 17:26
Gabby's sister
that is true, but i find it hard to get everything out of a movie when i have to read subtitles, although there are some movies that are better in the language that they were written in like pan's labyrinth (awesome movie!) i cant really Imagen it in English.
screw it, maybe i should just learn the language of the movie that i want to watch is in...
Avatar dagnirnin2
04-28-10 19:08
Spencer is saying that P.S.S isn't correct. It should be P.P.S, that's all you need to understand. :)
Avatar spencer
04-28-10 19:41
Also, I was explaining what "P.S." means, since you said you didn't know!
Avatar camabar
04-28-10 20:30
If you say so.
Readily available sources are for commies. God, Ian is totally rubbing off on me.

Like you kinda said, I'd rather watch a subbed movie than a dubbed movie :)
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