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my black dog my black dog...

hey guys sorry i have't posted in a while i have been busy trying to have a life haha...
oh dear hmmm well im watching Rent with my cousin and eating burnt microwave lasagna mmm.... taye diggs has a nice voice....
well i wish this post wasnt just about taye diggs voice and burnt lasagna but thats all i got...

Avatar swift
05-09-10 09:51
a sum of his things
the crunchy, semi burnt cheese is my favorite part of nuked lasagna!
Avatar chelsitisss
05-09-10 15:25
A post just about Taye Diggs would be more than enough lol
Avatar camabar
05-10-10 14:50
If you say so.
I'm in agreeance with Chelsea.
Avatar cheyanne
05-10-10 18:05
Gabby's sister
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