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please let me know if you see this too-->about kyron horman

i am deeply sorry for the family and wish the VERY best for them and i dearly hope they find him.
but why is this one child so much more important than all of the other children that go missing every day?
there are on average 2185 children being reported missing each day, so why then are we not putting out this much effort to find all of the other missing children?
what about them?
why don't the police or new's reporters or anyone else care enough to put forth this kind of effort to find the other kids???
idk it just seem's stupid to me that one child is more important than another

please let me know what you think! i want to know if it is just me who is seeing this!

Avatar max *
06-15-10 19:38
cyber desperado
Skyline Elementary serves a pretty affluent white community...
Avatar sara *
06-15-10 21:56
Have some tea.
Yeah, those parents have the resources and network to put forth the effort.

As for those statistics...

"Saying a child is "missing" can mean any number of things; a child who has run away from home counts the same as a kidnapped murder victim. For officials, the total number includes those who fall into several different categories: family abduction, nonfamily abduction, runaways, throwaways (abandoned children), or lost and "otherwise missing" children. "
Avatar max *
06-16-10 20:10
cyber desperado
Also, reading some of the coverage for the first time (I hate this sort of story), I can't help but notice:
According to investigators, the step-mother left the school around 8:45 as Kyron was going to his class room. The step-mother then did errands the rest of that Friday.
When Kyron did not get off of the school bus at 3:45, the step-mother called the school. Skyline Elementary told the step-mother Kyron was marked absent and was never in class.

Obviously it was almost definitely one of his (step-)parents or a school staff member that took him. For no one else to've seen him that day I'd bet on the step-mom, though it's pretty whack no one noticed the kid was missing for seven hours.
Avatar cheyanne
06-18-10 20:06
Gabby's sister
lol thanks for you speculations its not really what i asked for but ohwell haha i just wish the stupid news would get over it already god ! its like we are hearing more about kyron than the oil spill not that we can do much about either situation...
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